Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Where is everyone?

Hmm..the garage has been down for a couple of weeks, I've paid the builders bills with alacrity, and yet yesterday we had one builder in who managed to lay two courses of bricks all day, and today the whole site was desolate and empty. Still no front on the house, and no back either. The frame for the French windows at the back was delivered on Saturday, to great excitement, (although I am reserving my judgement for the moment as it doesn't look quite what I was expecting). Hard to stay optimistic under the circumstances - a day of lovely weather wasted and it's getting colder all the time. Both kids at home all day too as it's half term. Have signed my son up for football camp tomorrow - much better for him to be out than cooped up here.

Went round to feed my neighbour's cat this evening - it reminded me of why we bought our ( well not quite!) identical house as it really is lovely. However, I'm getting a bit fed up with waiting for mine to be even half way presentable, let alone lovely!

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