Sunday, 4 November 2007

It's been three months now

and we still have no walls downstairs, no heating, no kitchen and no windows. Getting a bit fed up actually. We had a meeting on Thursday with the builder, architect and kitchen people. The former were trying to insist that the kitchen be installed before Xmas, which would be great except that as far as I can see almost no progress has been made on erecting the actual room it will be in. Call me cynical but I can't believe we're going to be finished in 5 weeks - despite the builders' assertions that they're on schedule! Opted to have the kitchen installed in January instead, as I can see it getting damaged if it has to be delivered to the building site that is currently our home.


Laure said...

Don't give up! You will remember these moments when your home is finished and probably have a goog laugh about it with your friends. Actually, my appartment in France is not making much progress at the moment and I am quite fed up myself :). Keep going!

georgie said...

Thanks laure - and good luck with your apartment!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your progress from afar and have concluded that you must have a very strong disposition!! I do not know how you are coping with 2 children and the winter weather. Both times we have have renovated houses my husband and I have nearly ended up in the divorce courts because of the stress! I am sure though that it will be worth it, what do they say - no pain no gain....! Can`t wait to see the final pictures. Chin up Becky x

georgie said...

Thanks Becky - I so hope the final result is worth it!

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