Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Friday, 18 July 2008


All four maple chairs now safely delivered and the walnut one on its way to its rightful home. I am so pleased with them - they make the dining room feel lighter and bigger somehow. The kids love them too. So - Swiveluk, and James in particular, heartily recommended - will put their link on to this page when I remember how to do it! (Maraka - I am so impressed that you have a dining table big enough for eight of them! Also have my eye on the rocking chair...I like the furry sheepskin thingy you can get for it too.)

Now, on to the next thing ( rubs hands with glee!) Shelves for the small sitting room are being started tomorrow. Am going to post a few before pictures as I've been a bit evasive about that room - the main reason being that there's nothing much in it at the moment apart from a heap of books we haven't got shelves for!

Definitely more comfortable than when it was a garage

but needs something on that bare wall!

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Lesley said...

Looking good Georgie - those chairs are fab I can imagine your "kid with new toy" happiness :-D the pics on the photographers website are good as well although yours have been very professional as well ! I still however cannot get my head around the layout of your house! My (almost) 37 year old brain is quite addled nowadays though .... Lx