Sunday, 3 August 2008

books, glorious books

Ok so I know not everyone is with me on this one, but we are very pleased indeed with the new bookshelves. Although I accept they make the place look like a bit like public library, to us it means the Worst House feels like home. (I can recommend a very good Polish builder/joiner if anyone is interested - he covers most of West London...!)

We've had some sunny days in the garden too, and the place is starting to settle down. It's a lovely feeling coming home to a place you love - I don't think I've had that since my first little flat in Brockley in 1996!

We have regretfully ( in my case) or relievedly ( in my husband's case) decided we will have to leave the master bedroom and ensuite for at least a year, until we've got the money to do it properly. Frustrating though it is, I think it's the right decision. I actually found having the shelves built quite stressful, even though they were brilliant and it only took them four days from start to finish. I'd forgotten how disruptive and dirty noise and dust can be. Just shows you - it is like childbirth - you do forget! We are hanging the last few pictures, and I am hoping to take a few final photos of the WH next week when our new digi camera arrives. I have been using my phone camera all this time but I think it's time to upgrade...!


Lesley said...

Well I am with you on the shelves :-) - they look fab and for me personally there is nothing better than going into someones home and seeing a well stocked book case!! in your case above and beyond my normal expectations!
I think your right about the bedroom though - you have done such a lovely job on the rest of the house that if you did a rush job on the bedroom you wouldnt be satisfied anyway :-) plus in 12 months when you get itchy feet to do another house renovation (hahaha) then you can do the bedroom and the urge will go away ! Thanks for the post on my blog - 37 IS scary its nearly 40 !! sob sob - so why do i still feel 27???!!!! Lx

Emma said...

I think your new bookshelves look absolutely brilliant and you should be proud to show off your library of books. Would you mind passing on the details of your Polish builder/joiner as he sounds just the sort of person we need for numerous jobs in our house.
Love the blog!

Georgie said...

Thanks both!

Lesley - the only comfort I can offer you is that in a few years time we will be thinking that 37 was positively girlish; I can remember feeling ancient when I turned 27...! Not very comforting...but really, it's not so bad!

Emma - the builder is called David Podworski. He's done a couple of jobs in the WH, including the shelves, to what I consider to be a really high standard. You can contact him on He lives in Ruislip but seems happy to travel in the West London area...good luck!

Emma Ollington said...

Great, thanks so much Georgie, I'll get in touch with him.

Maraka said...

The shelves look great I only wish we had the space for some of our own.
On another note can I ask what type of wood your decking is?

Georgie said...

Hi - thanks Maraka!

The cladding, decking and fence are all Siberian Larch, apparently because it is extremely rot resistant. They use it for railway sleepers and velodromes, so I'm told! It's started off paler than it appears because it's been stained, and there was a bit of a mix up with the product used - it's much more orange than it should have been. However it's grown on us over time and seems to be weathering quite well.

LaundryBasketCase said...

Hello, I came across your blog via Lesley's. I love your bookshelves! I think built in bookshelves look classy and sophistaced adding character without making a space look messy. They are beautiful!

kaybar007 said...

Snap! Looks like we'll be leaving bedroom/bathroom for a year (or two) as well, have already run out of funds before the builders have even started :(

The Vintage Kitten said...

I love your bookcases. If I won the lottery I would have a house with a library room, just so I could sit in there and look at them. You can never have too many books.

MelMel said...

I came across your blog on Notes from my days.....Love your house...just the kind of house i aspire to living in one the mo we live in an Edwardian looks like a doll house compared to yours.....
Love the book case.....every alcove in our house is stuffed with shelves n books.....i find it very hard to part with books!!


Juddie said...

I think the shelves look fabulous! Love your renovations - very inspiring.

Kristy said...

I love the wall of books.It's just what I wanted for my playroom but I ended up settling for a row of IKEA Billy bookcases. Maybe one day...?

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Fame at last!