Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Are you sure?!

A neighbour a few doors down took in a parcel for us yesterday. I hadn't met her before, as they moved in over the summer (this is London remember - even noticing a house has changed hands is fairly unusual!) Anyway, I introduced myself and she said 'Ooh, you live in the lovely house! We like that one...!' It turns out that she and her husband have been admiring the Worst House from afar. Never have I been so proud - I could have hugged her.

My husband is still smarting from the time back in 2006 when we saw a couple walking down the road looking at all the houses and posting notes through the doors of selected ones. They looked at ours (still in full garagey splendour) and moved hastily on. My friend several doors down got one of the notes - it was a personal plea to let them know if they were thinking of selling as they were keen to move into the road ( a proper handwritten one rather than one of those fake ones you get all the time from estate agents telling you that they have a Mr Smith who will buy your house if only you'll give them a ring.) My husband's ambition is to get one of those and frame it - then he'll feel really sure the WH has rejoined the ranks of the normal.

The WH will always be slightly different from the others in the road though, unless the right hand neighbours get shirty. Our front garden is wider than the others - although only by about 30 cm. All because the old lady who lived in it before us had a large shrubbery at the front, and when the then owner of the right hand house rebuilt the dividing wall between the gardens he very courteously built it in a slight curve around the foliage rather than asking her to chop it down. (Possibly not entirely selflessly - I suspect he wanted to keep the shrubbery to minimise his own view of the garage!)

No word from RH Lesley - I bet those photos are languishing in the bottom of the editor's bin! I imagine a sort of RH Anna Wintour figure snarling ' Too ordinary! And what's with the books - is this a library? White walls are so yesterday' as she hurls them back at a quivering minion. Never mind, I'll try and take some of the front gate's new F and B paint as a consolation prize!

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amyoliver said...

LOL at the Real Homes editor being like Anna Wintour!! The houses featured in there recently have been rubbish, so I think you are better off!! You should contact Mary Weaver at Living Etc. I think your house would suit their magazine. (Assuming you want to go through it all again, HelenT said that the shoot at her house took 12 hours!!)