Monday, 12 October 2009

sofa so good

We have had a lovely weekend despite the rain and noticing 2 ( very tiny) damp patches in my daughter's room. It never rains but it pours, ho ho, not. Her room and the bathroom are under the rather strange flat roof which all these houses have on the rear addition, and when we moved in we knew that it probably only had a few years left in it. We were hoping it might last until we had got the money together to convert the loft, and then we could get all our roofing needs done at once. I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can leave it another few months.

We have had 2 more quotes for the sofa cover, and I have just signed on the dotted line for one. It would probably be cheaper just to buy a new sofa, but the idea is to eke a few more years out of this one while the kids are small and then get a lovely new one when they are old enough not to use it as a trampoline. It feels more environmentally friendly too, and less hassle ( I just have to write a cheque and wait!)

We have had to have a new receiver for the underfloor heating, as the thermostats have been transmitting away to a dead unit. Thankfully the weather has been quite mild, as we 've got to have the electrician back to to fit it.

Very fed up with minor domestic hassles at the moment, but I only have to look back to October 2007 to feel better! And it is another beautiful Autumn day today. Hope you're all enjoying it!


houseenvy said...

Nil desperandum Georgie! I sometimes wonder whether our house has suicidal tendencies and didn't appreciate our efforts to revive it. You probably feel like you are going round in circles but they are hopefully ever decreasing!

amyoliver said...

It gets boring, doesn't it? Sofa covers sound exciting though, would love to see a pic once they are done. I hope you love them!

warmyourfloor1 said...

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!