Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Just had a horrible shock. The builders have generally been quite considerate and reasonably respectful of our property so far. However I went back tonight to collect some toys for the children and was very perturbed to see their bedroom being used to eat, store filthy boots and work clothing, smoke - and, unbelievably, spit on the floor! The room is still full of the kids' clothes, books, bedding and toys and as it is relatively unaffected by the building work I was really shocked and surprised to see what they'd done. The sight of my daughter's little cot and grobag with a pair of filthy overalls thrown over it really upset me, as did the thick pall of cigarette smoke and litter of fag ash and filthy boots.

My Siemens fridge freezer has also been damaged - one of the freezer drawer fronts has been wrenched off, smashed and thrown into the rubbish, along with some of the freezer contents. The fridge also now no longer appears to be working - it certainly worked perfectly yesterday morning after it had been moved. As it happens we are buying a new fridge but had planned to sell the Siemens or donate it to a charity - it's now next to worthless. I will also now have three weeks or so in the house without a fridge, as we'll be moving back in before the new kitchen is installed.

I have rung them to complain - to me it's an unacceptable treatment of a client's property. I think we all have a filth and disruption limit and I have definitely reached mine tonight! The irony is that this builder was far from the cheapest - we chose him because he came with high recommendations of quality. Agggh.

Rant over. Not going to think about it again or I will go completely mad. And not in a good way.

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