Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Friday, 29 February 2008

My son's room - before and before

Although we haven't done anything to it, my son has declared himself miffed that there isn't a photo of his room on here. In the interests of sibling fairness, here it is.... Again, we should probably have tidied it up a bit first! Note the charming woodchip.

They bricked in the last arch today - hurrah! We are still supported with steels but I'm assuming that's just until the mortar dries out rather than a permanent feature. Note the top half of the house has already been painted and is starting to look rather nice, I think. We'd have liked to have the whole lot sandblasted back to bare brick but there's a considerable risk the top and bottom halves won't match so it's safer to repaint. Plenty of others in the road have been painted so it won't look amiss. (Especially given what it's replacing!) Good to see the last of the battleship grey, especially for my son, who was three when we moved in and has always called the WH 'the gloomy house'.

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