Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Standing on its own two feet...

figuratively speaking of course. Yes, the supports actually came down today and the bay windows are almost finished. The builders made the window sills on site this morning. They simply made the moulds out of some left over floorboards and poured concrete into them in situ. Who'd've thunk it? The supports, which are twiddly and Victorian to match the others in the street, arrived from the same supplier as the window arches in exactly the same way - in the back of a car at a totally unexpected time. I was just coming back from lunch with my neighbour when I saw the man I nearly kissed going into the house again with a big pile of them. He looked a bit wary when he saw me and scuttled straight back off to Arundel.

I have started returning people's keys - at one point I had the keys to three houses in our road, another friend's in central Twickenham , and the rental house - and the offer of about six more from Tooting to New Malden. We're not quite out of the woods yet but we will have to have a party or something to say thanks to everyone.

My kitchen is sort of half installed - here is the kitchen sink. Never used by me yet although the builders make tea in there- I'm still washing up in the avocado ensuite upstairs. After what we had before I'm a bit too scared to use something so shiny and white..!


and from roughly the same angle

I actually booked a removal van to get our stuff out of storage in a fortnight's time, only to realise later that the day I'd booked was the day of the six nations England/Ireland match with 82,000 expected in Twickenham. The self storage place is right next to the stadium. Doh. Am trying to re-arrange it. It will be so strange to see our belongings. Most of them have been in boxes since July 2006.

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