Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

and a few more

I still haven't got any proper photos, but I've had such kind and positive comments from everyone about the mobile phone specials that I am feeling brave enough to put a few more up.

The hall and stairs - no mum, we're not having stair carpet! It's surprisingly un-slippery as it was finished in matte rather than 'shiny' varnish, and my history with stair carpets is such that it's a relief not to worry about the trail of drops of tea up the stairs or the five year old in football boots. You can just see the walnut parcel shelf which was another one of those 'original to the house' items I got in a sufficient strop about to prevent my husband consigning to the skip. I would eventually like to change the hideous radiator but I am hoping that when we put some pictures up it will distract the eye from it in the meantime.

The back of the house, showing the new glass and larch box, aka the kitchen extension. The kids love perching up at the counter - in fact you can just see my son taking the air in his dressing gown! We will get the garden sorted out when we can scrape some more money together - at the moment the decking leads on to a sort of dustbowl rather than the lush urban paradise of my fond imaginings.

Inside the former garage at the front of the house. You can tell I'm not a professional - I should have plumped up those cushions first! The front garden needs a bit of work too...This will eventually be a 'grown up' sitting room, when we've hung some pictures and got the builder to put the remaining bits of the bathroom actually into the bathroom rather than stacking them up by the coffee table. Still, it's a lovely sunny room without that practical but not very transparent garage door!

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