Monday, 7 April 2008

A few photos

Thanks for all the kind and positive comments, it is much appreciated. Makes a change from both parents and parents in law, who are all keen to know when we are getting the carpets in...

I must admit I've been luxuriating in unaccustomed home comforts a bit recently, and the house has always been too knee deep in scooters and In the Night Garden soft toys to take any photos. Also the architect said she was going to organise some professional photos so I thought I'd wait for those and be all swanky. However I have a few not very good ones taken on my mobile phone so they will have to do for now!

Outside - a specialist company arrives this week ( fingers crossed) to recreate the original black and white tiled path.

the 'family' sitting room. We miscalculated on bookshelves so we'll be saving up for a few more once we've recovered from the financial ruin we've already inflicted on ourselves...

the dining room through the new knocked-through opening. The dresser is original to the house and I had to defend it from the builders and from my husband, who all thought it should reside in the skip.

the sitting room fireplace - it still works! Despite spending most of the last six months hanging four feet above ground level while the builders excavated round it and used it as a giant ash tray

from the dining room into the kitchen - (that poor old ikea bookshelf has spent most of the last 8 months in the garden but has cleaned up fairly well considering!)


Anonymous said...

I am also a 37 year old blonde mum, but with three children. I must say I think you have done a brilliant job on your house. I love the family friendly but modern spacious look you have achieved. I would love to see more photos of your kitchen/diner so please post more as I am one day planning to do a similar extension when I return from living in Thailand with my family. Very, very impressed. Thanks for sharing.

kaybar007 said...

I've just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I'm also a mum of a 5 year old and a 2 year old, and am about to be going through a renovation if we ever get the builders sorted. I love what you've done but do have one question - why do you hang on to so many books? I get that it's nice to revisit favourites, but you've got so many for your space. Make some money on Amazon and hock the ones you don't really need to keep... (just a suggestion, I don't mean to sound rude!)

Georgie said...

Hi Kaybar

I really enjoyed your blog - and thanks for the tip about the wondrous livemaps with the birds eye view option-as you say, much better than googlemaps. It's still showing our house pre-renovation, so I could even see the door to the old outside loo!

Re: the books. I'm afraid both my husband and I are avid book collectors. Suggesting we get rid of any is like suggesting we get rid of the kids! We do prune now and again to get rid of duplicates ( yes, we both had complete sets of Austen and Forster when we met!) but they're our 'thing' and having our books around us is one of the things that means 'home' to us. You're not the first to suggest we lose some though, and I do have a whole load of pregnacy/babycare ones to get rid of now our youngest has turned two. It'll look much better when we scrape together the cash to build the bespoke bookshelves we need elsewhere in the house..!

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Fame at last!