Wednesday, 16 April 2008

high excitement ( sort of..)

We hung some pictures last night, having had the usual debate about whether it was ok for me to get my hammer out (my view) or whether we should defer it indefinitely ( my husband). To be fair to him he did attach the loo roll holders to the walls, which turned out to be a substantial undertaking involving the drill. Despite the fact that the builder has gone AWOL again and we still don't have a proper bathroom it's starting to feel like we really are almost back to normal.

The trusty Keep Calm poster. We had it hanging in our bedsit throughout the building work as a necessary reminder so had to scrape an inch of dirt off it before re-hanging.

The hall. All new and completely replastered except for the cornicing, which is original, and the tiled floor.

The hall 'before', taken in May 2006 when we were considering buying. Note the orange dining room wallpaper ( which some of our friends still lament!), damp stains, sagging anaglypta and faux Victorian lamp. No wonder we didn't hesitate to snap the place up...


The hall from above showing doors into the new downstairs loo and 'grown up' sitting room ( ex-garage!) Both doorway openings are completely new as the garage was inaccessible from the hall.

Another view of the dining room/family sitting room, showing the new knock-through


Lor said...

Wow. I am impressed. It is beautiful. I love the black and white floor and the posters too.
What is the bookshelf wall made of?

Georgie said...

Thanks! It is just painted MDF, but built as a free-standing piece on a very solid base to take the weight of the books rather than battened to the walls. It was made to fit the wall space exactly. Theoretically you could remove it all in one piece. Not going to try though!

Lor said...

I love what you did with the place... And I ordered the "Keep calm and carry on" poster online! It's perfect for people from work from home. Still no solution here for the recessed bookshelves of our dreams but I am not giving us hope. In the meantime I am also hoping to reverse the grey to greenery ratio on my terrace. :)

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!