Saturday, 3 May 2008

The tile men cometh

What a couple of weeks. First the iMac developed a terminal fault costing much headscratching, a trip to the Apple Store in Kingston and £475 to fix. Then the car broke down on a rainy evening with husband at work and both kids on board - my son was thrilled to be brought home on the recovery truck , me less so. And then the gardener due to do the back cancelled to boot. So no posting for a while, and as the car is still at the garage having its fuel sensors tweaked, I have just brought the computer home on the bus. And the back garden is still a rubble strewn dustbowl, although now with vigorous weeds after all the lovely rain we've been having recently.

But also, what a couple of weeks! In a good way!

We have an all singing all dancing standy uppy showery shiny shiny bathroom. It was finally finished on Thursday, after six very long, weary months and almost two years without a shower if you take the psychedelic year into account.

Behind the mirrors is enough storage for approximately 2 million loo rolls...

Makka pakka gives it the thumbs up...

We even have have a front garden path and slate gravelly stuff like all the more respectable houses in the road. Bike shed and gate promised next week ( fingers crossed!)

And in answer to Maraka's question from long long ago before the computer died - our Corian worktop was from Counter Production (Tel: 01491 615470 - they are a Dupont distributor and seem very good - it's guaranteed for ten years.


Maraka said...

Thank you for the contact Georgie. I hope all goes well with the car repairs and the garden.
By the way the new bathroom looks great. Can't wait until we start one ours.

Anonymous said...

Where is your mirrored storage unit from? Looks great. Love the path too.

CarolC said...

Love you path, where did you get the tiles?


Georgie said...

Hello - thanks all! The bathroom cupboards were made for us on site to a fairly basic design ( drawn up by our architect) using kitchen-cupboard style hinges to take the weight of the mirrors - I think most joiners could do it. They are lit from the inside and have shelves up to the ceiling - just painted MDF. The doors are MDF faced with mirror by a glazier. We have the same design in the downstairs loo too. (I'll try and take a picture with the doors open if our computer holds out - it's playing up again!)

The path was made on site for us by a landscape gardening company called Muddy Wellies; they're based in Wimbledon and I'd used them before to do a similar path at our previous house so I do recommend them.

Anonymous said...

The path looks fab georgie it really draws you into the house and I am also loving the storage!! makka pakka is off course the best bit :-D
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

Is that glass on the walls around the shower/bath? or large tiles? or what?

Georgie said...

It's white glass, or rather glass backed with white paint. We have the same in the kitchen as a splashback and I have to say it works really well - no grouting issues like you get with tiles.

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!