Friday, 11 July 2008

An end to the chair saga?

Was just about to order the Vitra DSWs on Griffo's German site when I noticed to my horror that the price had gone up to £239 in the three weeks I've been dithering. Doh!

I was v taken with the Air Chairs and they do look truly fab in Helen's house. Husband also liked them, which is quite an achievement. Was just about to order them instead ( in sky blue or white) and planning alternative destinations for the large amount of cash it would be saving when I came across another supplier for the DSWs. Vitra have stopped making fibreglass DSWs, so they are now made only in plastic. This is apparently authentic, as Eames wanted the chairs to be low-cost. However I have to say I do prefer the fibreglass look a la SCP. The supplier I found is in Stoke Newington, and they do the Modernica version, which are made in fibreglass - and are quite a bit cheaper at £129 plus £20 delivery. So having spoken to a real person at Swiveluk twice, who assures me he not only has them in stock but can get them to me by Wednesday next week, I have bitten the bullet and ordered some chairs. Sound of trumpets...

I am sure I have deliberated more and done more research about four dining chairs than I did about buying the Worst House in the first place!

Fingers crossed for next week. Can hardly bear to look at my horrid brown limbo dancing John Lewis ones in the meantime. My mother in law ( despite FIL's accident at their hands) is going to take a couple of them off me, and I'll be glad to take the others to the tip. (I could Freecycle them as I usually do but would have to attach a health warning!)

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Lesley said...

Oh I hadnt seen this post but congrats on the chair purchase - make sure you post pics when in situ as I bet they will look fab !! right... whats next on the list :-D x

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!