Thursday, 10 July 2008

More cracks, more chairs...

Well, the crack in the glass should be ok. It's on the internal layer of laminated glass to the roof so definitely can't have been caused by anyone tramping about up there. I knew no-one had been, but it would have been difficult to prove. To his credit, the builder sent three guys round straight away to look at it and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will sort it out reasonably soon. I've now stopped noticing it, which is a good thing as the first couple of days my head jerked up automatically every time I went into the kitchen - not good for my posture or my sanity...

I've had a quote for repairing the other major crack - bedroom ceiling, which was only a couple of hundred quid cheaper than replacing the whole thing, though of course the mess and disruption factor will be much less. Even as the guy was explaining what would be involved (black dust all over the house...) I started having a minor ( fortunately v tiny and private) panic attack. I think I am more scarred by renovating the WH than I thought!

Also had a quote for some bookshelves in the front sitting room. A mere £4.5 k! Am still reeling! Rino, the lovely Italian builder who I used in our last house is popping over on Friday and will I hope be able to come up with something slightly more affordable.

And I've just been over the look at the Eames chairs in the Couch Potato Company. They're lovely, but will take 4 weeks to arrive - in which case we might as well go with the much cheaper German ones recommended by Griffo. Also quite keen on the Jasper Morrison Air Chairs, not least because they're only £49 each , but I don't know if they're too much like garden chairs for inside.

My husband works in housing, which is why every time I get a quote for something he recoils in credit-crunch induced horror. Hence lack of recent posting. Can't blame him really -at least he hasn't insisted I go back to work, which he's perfectly within his rights to do. As our daughter is now nearly 2 and a half I have probably had the longest maternity leave in history, although to be fair it hasn't been all that relaxing!


helen said...

Georgie we have the Air chairs at number four and they are quite delicious and very forgiving of small children...

Lesley said...

Glad the crack can be sorted ! I like those Air chairs as well but am in awe at the quote for bookshelves!! hope you manage to get something more reasonable sorted :-) oh and if it makes you feel better my second child is nearly 4 and im still doing the SAHM thing :-D Lx

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!