Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Friday, 27 June 2008

big prizes!

We haven't quite won the lottery but there is much excitement at Worst House towers as we have won £150 in Habitat vouchers from Living Etc. Thank you Living Etc and Habitat ( and also Griffo who I think must have some unspecified role behind the LE scenes...!) It's lovely that the poor old WH has been both a covergirl and a prize winner in the same month - makes up for 40 years of being the house no-one wanted to date!

Feverishly trying to work out what to spend it on - I think some nice bedlinen to replace our IKEA circa 1998 stuff that isn't quite the right shape and size for our duvet. Although of course we need to sort the rest of the room out first - see previous pages..

Chairgate continues anon. I half feel like just ordering them and to hell with the consequences...

I was having supper with the children this evening, which is always eventful to say the least ( the little one tried out every chair round the table in the course of the meal) when I noticed a whopping great crack in the glass roof on the extension. It must have appeared overnight as it certainly wasn't there yesterday. I am staying very very calm about this, and waited a whole 3 minutes before dashing off to email the architect. Fingers crossed it's covered by the 6 months defects liability clause. Being determinedly cheery about it. I must admit that of all the faults I thought might develop, that one never even crossed my mind.

I have a new picture

I unscrewed the old sign the day before they started demolishing the garage. I'm not sure where to put it so it's propped up on my desk at the moment.


Peta said...

That parking sign is great!!

Your house really deserves all the prizes and compliments possibile!!

Hope you sort out the cracked glass! How could it have happened?

P xx

kaybar007 said...

Cracked glass?! Oh dear me, is it the double glazing variety? Will they have to replace the entire section? And congrats on the Livingetc vouchers!

Lor said...

It's amazing to see how much work you've done. You must be really happy and *hopefully*you will forget the worst days of the worst house.