Monday, 23 June 2008

So many chairs...

Well, we had a lovely day in Notting Hill, lunching at Julie's Bar and pretending to be off-duty millionaires, but the trip to SCP was a bit of a disappointment. The Eames DSW chairs were £325 each in there. Luckily the till wasn't working due to a power failure so we were able to make our excuses and leave without looking too idiotic. We popped into Pedlars instead and had a good old look at all those lovely things you see in Living Etc and wonder where they came from. V tempted by a London Underground poster but our need for chairs must take precedence.

Thanks for the tip about The Couch Potato Company Maraka - I must drive past that shop in Twickenham two or three times a week and it never occurred to me that they might stock Eames stuff! They are absolutely lovely people and are holding some for me at £230 each while we make up our minds...which we almost had until Griffo's top tip about the German place. Even with shipping they're going to work out at about £170 each for the real thing, which is extremely tempting. Just slightly nervous about possibly having to do business in German, not having done any since O-level in 1987. My husband spent two years living in Vienna and can still only just about order two beers. Mind you he does have very businesslike Austrian friends who could be called upon to ring them up and demand justice on my behalf if things went wrong.

Will mull it over for a few days.

In the meantime, we had the Building Control Officer round today to do the final sign off. Everything passed, which was great news as obviously I had spent the night before worrying that he was going to make us replace all the beautiful Victorian internal doors with fire doors, amongst other horrors. He actually spent less than 5 minutes going round with the builder, who he knows well. The only fly in the ointment is the structural engineer's calculations, which have gone AWOL, so we won't get our certificate until that's been sorted.


Lesley said...

Good luck with the chairs Georgie :-) am looking forward to seeing them in situ when you decide! Hope its ok to ask here but is your sitting room light the laura ashley capiz shell one as I'm loving it and wanting to copy!! Lx

georgie said...

Hi Lesley - I'm really flattered that you like our capiz chandelier - copy away! It wasn't from Laura Ashley, although I know the one you mean. I actually got ours from Homebase for £60! It gets lots of compliments and looks exactly the same as pricier versions. (I was a bit staggered to see them for between £4-600 at Graham and Green at the weekend!)
georgie x

Anonymous said...

ooo thanks for the info - will be shopping tomorrow!!
congrats on the L.etc prize - very well deserved!! x

lesley said...

ooo thanks for the info - will be shopping tomorrow!!
congrats on the L.etc prize - very well deserved!! x

Peta said...

A well deserved win!!

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!