Saturday, 21 June 2008

Thanks for the top tips everyone!

It has occurred to me that if the ceiling did accidentally on purpose fall down because the children were pole-vaulting off the bed towards it then we could claim it on the insurance - thus two problems solved! Perhaps I should go up into the loft and stomp about a lot 'looking for the suitcases'...

Debating new dining chairs at the moment. We have wanted the Eames DSW chairs for ages but they're quite expensive. You can get what seem to be fairly good 'inspired by' copies for £70 - £125 each on various websites but I'm a bit nervous in case they don't turn up or appear to be made of matchsticks when they do. I don't want to make the mistake I did with the horrid ones we've got now. They're brown leather rip off ant chair style from John Lewis. I got them in a panic when pregnant and anticipating holding the first ever family Christmas at ours. After about six months the legs starting splaying, then after another six months one collapsed under my FIL. When I eventually complained to JL they said ' But you've had them more than a year madam!'. So you heard it here first - if you buy a chair from John Lewis its expected working life is precisely one year. Grrr. Anyway, we don't want to make the same mistake again. Husband wants to go to SCP tomorrow and check them out there, but I suspect he will fall over with shock when he sees the price. ( I can't get the SCP website to work but I suspect there wouldn't be much change from £280 each...)


Lesley said...

Georgie those DSW chairs have been on my wish list for some time now along with the DSR ones as well - I just cannot decide!
Good luck with your shopping trip though , wish I lived in London with access to all the lovely shops!!
Oh, look, that suitcase has just moved to exactly over the crack in your bedroom ceiling when you were trying to get it down to store things in ....... :-D

Maraka said...

Hi Georgie while our house is not as lovely as yours yet, my husband did let me get some Eames dining chairs but only becuase they were on sale. You could try the Couch Potato Company where we got ours. Not only do they look great but easily cleaned after toddler hands have wiped lunch all over them.
Good Luck

griffo68 said...

Hi georgie !

The chairs are much cheaper here!!
147 quid plus about 20 quid postage and they are originals by Vitra....

I have used them before, we bought our orange Pantons from them and they were very good!

Hope this helps!


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Fame at last!

Fame at last!