Tuesday, 17 June 2008

It's been a while..

mainly because husband has dug his heels in about the bedroom, the nice Polish guy I asked to quote for bookshelves has gone AWOL and the parents in law have been to stay for an extended FIL's birthday/Fathers' Day jamboree. We let them have our bedroom ( how kind!) and slept downstairs in the new ex garage, which I have to say was a sight more pleasant, even on those funny flop out folding beds we got for the kids to have sleepovers. I do love a plain white room - it was bliss waking up to white light filtering through the blinds rather than the crack and several layers of peeling plaster. I keep explaining that the bedroom too could be similarly gorgeous but he is strangely resistant. Part reluctance to have any more builders in the house and part very sensible but v tedious financial caution. Also, as he keeps saying, it's only about a month since the bathroom was finished - can't I take a short break?

Ho hum. People keep telling me how thrilled I must be to have it all finished, and of course I am - but I do like to have a little project on the go!

Anyway, more excitingly, the Worst House was immortalised yesterday on the Living Etc forum. Forum member Griffo68 rather marvellously creates a spoof magazine cover every month and the WH's kitchen extension is on the latest one! I have been beside myself with excitement over it, sending it to all and sundry. Except my mum, of course, who wouldn't get it at all...


Peta said...

The cover is fantastic!! You should be really proud to be featured on BE!!

Why don't you poke and prod "the crack" so it falls down. Then you'd just HAVE to get it fixed...? ;)


Bea (Bobble on LE Forum) said...

That cover is marvellous!

I agree with Peta, a little prod woudl do no harm surely?! ;)

Lesley said...

Had to pop over from BE and see it on your blog Georgie - its fab and it looks like a real magazine cover it must seem really strange (in a good way!~)

get the kids to jump up and down on the bed throwing toys in the air - that should do it :-D

Maraka said...

Congratulations Georgie your house is looking stunning. Though I do know how you feel about your bedroom. We have decorated all of the bedrooms except ours and now what wasn't so bad looks terrible compared to the other two.

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!