Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Signs and titles

I think my Penguin mugs collection is getting slightly out of hand, but I do love them. They seem to bring out a few more titles every couple of years. The only colour we haven't got is the classic orange - I'll have to put one on my Christmas list.

I've found a more permanent home for the garage sign I prised off the front of the house before the builders arrived - above the door in the downstairs loo (which was, like the small sitting room, carved out of the former garage.) I did have it in a frame above my desk but it was too heavy for it and going wonky!

Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! Good luck with the roof MaryPoppins - let's hope the Indian summer lasts a bit longer. I'd love to make my own curtains Lavender but I am a complete butter fingers with a needle and thread. I was always the girl in needlework at school who somehow managed to wrap both sewing machine and self in a big tangle of thread. I did manage to make a skirt once ( from one of those Simple patterns) but by that point the rest of the girls in my class had moved on to designing couture or something...


thriftymrs said...

I have a collection of those Penguin mugs too. They are fab.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

ooo i like those mugs Georgie - you can get deckchairs in the same designs as well - you could have them all lined up in your lovely garden :-D
I remember that sign from back in the day when you were going through it all! must seem like a distant memory now......
Lesley x

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!