Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Spots and stripes

Like lots of unfortunate women out there I am afflicted with a husband who has opinions on interior decor.

This means we don't have a scrap of carpet anywhere in the house, and a kitchen that John Pawson would be proud of. Every time I try to soften the look ( see my spotty cushion) or a flowery tea towel I am accused of filling the house with chintz. I do like minimalism ( much easier to keep clean!) but I've also got a hankering for pretty things. There's a wonderful shop round the corner from us called Maison , which stocks white painted bedroom furniture and old French mirrors. I used to wander round there in the middle of our horrendous building work eyeing up gorgeous armoires and chandeliers and promising myself that I would have some beautiful things when the house was finished. Needless to say that hasn't really happened, but I've made up for it a bit in my daughter's room, which is the kind of room I'd have loved as a child. ( I had to share with my brother for years and then when I did get my own room my parents' taste and budget were more MFI than shabby chic!

She's still in her cot bed for now but I have a lovely white painted iron bed ready for when she turns three. The white painted wardrobe came from an antiques market in Kingston. I have gone a bit mad with her bedding but it's so nice to have some patterns!

The spotty blinds were from John Lewis and the funny old wicker chair is one I've had for years - I bought it in Greenwich market for £10 when I bought my first little flat in Brockley.


thriftymrs said...

Yes I totally understand men wanting to have a say in interiors! My husband almost recoils when I bring home something that even resembles a flower. *Shrug* he shall have to put up with it.
Your home is stunning.

Bobble (from LE) said...

I am blessed with a man with the same taste as me. When I veer off into Cath Kidsonesque I just twist his arm a little bit. I am very lucky :)

Loving seeing more picture of the place on your blog Georgie.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh I share your pain Georgie ! its so inconvenient having a husband sometimes :-D Love A's room though - Ive done the same with my little girls and indulged my "pretty things" side!
Lesley x

Peta said...

I guess i should consider myself very lucky - my hubby openly admits that I have better taste than he does so leaves it all up to me!!!
Anyway, Georgie, even with your hubby and his opinions, you've managed to create an absolutely gorgeous house!!!
Keep on blogging and posting more pics! (says she who has not touched her blog in months...)
Peta xx

Anonymous said...

Really lovely room Georgie, I am sure she loves it. I love the blinds, I was sure they were Cath Kidston when I first saw the pics of your daughters room earlier on in the blog - good old JL!!

My OH has opinions on the interior as well, mainly that we should cram it full of as much stuff as possible, so be glad yours errs the other way, as it is much easier to sneak the odd bit in, rather than get rid of stuff that they are 'attached' to!!