Thursday, 13 November 2008

Gogos a go-go

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, and particularly to Juddie, whose comment this lunchtime made me realise it's been quite a while!

I nipped out with a friend to the Cath Kidston branch in Chiswick recently and couldn't resist buying this to hang on the side door from the laundry room leading out to our bike shed and bin store. ( The old tradesman's entrance!)

Cue usual chintz protest from my husband, but I'm justifying it as minimalist eco-purchase, keeping my carrier bags tidy and ready to re-use!

Meanwhile go-go mania has hit my son's school big-time. Think yourself very lucky if it hasn't hit your area yet - if it has you'll know what I mean, if not, you're probably mystified. They hurt your feet almost as badly as chunks of Lego when you step on them in a child's darkened bedroom in the middle of the night, but I was quite impressed that my son had lined them up so neatly!

We had a fab half-term break in Paris with the kids, where we rented an extremely tiny but extremely tasteful mini-flat in the Marais, right in the middle of all the elegant little shops and cafes that make you want to stay there forever. Luckily the kids are still a bit too young to make noises about going to EuroDisney, although I'm sure that will happen soon, so we spent the time pottering round museums and parks. I was left a bit cold by the sculptures at the Rodin museum ( what a philistine!) but I loved the house and gardens. Plus the sandwiches in the cafe are fab - and there's a tree growing up through the walls - what more could you ask for?!


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

nice to see you back Georgie :-)
lucky you with your holiday and if at any point you want to swap your son for mine then feel free :-D loving the Go-go's being lined up! its not reached us yet but i have started to see the name around so probably will be soon!
Lesley x

thriftymrs said...

Lucky you getting a break in Paris.

Peta said...

Paris sounds lovely! My two are at the age where going to Paris and NOT going to Euro Disney would be unthinkable, according to them that is!!
No, we don't have gogos in Italy. How cute of your son to line them up like that! We have other similar collectables "gormiti" which are always underfoot!!! Grr!

The pics on the photographer and the architect's sites are great!!

Maraka said...

Hope you had a lovely break in Paris. Very jealous of you as we are in the midst of building work and have moved into the in-laws until we have a kitchen. Which leads me to the first of my 2 questions? We want a light blue glass splash back in the kitchen, and wondered what colour yours is and where you got it from? Secondly we are looking at decking samples and wanted to ask how yours is in the wet weather. I don't want decking with grooves but we have a toddler and we are concerned she will slip when it is wet.

Georgie said...

Thanks for all your comments - I wish there was enough going on in the WH to warrant posting more often, - it's so lovely to get feedback!

Good luck with it all Maraka- I am thinking of you! We used Decoglaze ( for the kitchen glass, in plain white but they have loads of colours. The cost varies depending on how many cutouts you need for plugs etc and is a bit complicated, but as you might expect more cut-outs mean more money... I would definitely recommend them; we made the mistake of using a different local firm for the bathroom and the quality and fit is nowhere near as good.

Our decking is Siberian Larch, the same as the cladding on the extension. We're very happy with it so far and the kids haven't had any problems with slipping. I think the important thing is to try and keep it swept and clear of fallen leaves etc which might turn slimy, so I scrub it down with a stiff broom every couple of months. I probably need to get out there tomorrow actually...

Maraka said...

Thanks for the splash back contact and advice on the decking. Being from Australia we have no need to use grooved decking so I am not really use to it.

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!