Sunday, 25 January 2009

Rainy sunday

My mum is very excited about our recent antics with RH magazine, but I bet her pals are going to be a bit puzzled when it comes out - a bit bare, no curtains or carpets, and white plastic chairs in the dining room. You can't move in her house for velvet curtains, dried flowers and bits of strange tat she's picked up from car boot sales. In fact the wooden shoe lasts on our hearth were a gift from her - I quite like them but my husband thinks they are yet another example of the chintz and clobber (eg cushions) I am ruining the house with...!

What is interesting about my mum's taste for chintz is that my grandfather was an architect and built his own house in the 1950s. It was demolished before I was born to make way for a housing estate but in the very few family photos that survive it looks fantastic - bare brick internal walls and plain wooden fittings. Their taste was very austere - that Ercol and G-plan furniture that is very covetable now but most of which which my gran got rid of when she downsized after his death in the 1990s. I've asked my mum to dig some photos out for me. I'm wondering if her own taste for Victoriana is a reaction to her childhood, in the same way that I can't bear anything reminiscent of 1980s brown-and-cream Laura Ashley...and does that mean that our children will be putting back all that 'original' swirly carpet and flocked wallpaper when they move into their 'terribly dated and noughties' first flats? I can see it now"

'' It was awful!' remembers Anna, " It had last been decorated in 2009 and the owners hadn't done a thing since. It was painted a dull white throughout, with boring wooden floors and no curtains to hide the huge bare windows. I have worked hard to bring back some original 1980s intimacy to the place, with richly textured contrasting curtains and carpet, and beautiful ruched patterned curtains, with lacy nets to block out some of the overpowering light. We also lowered the ceilings to create a cosier feel..."


Kristy said...

Tee hee! I think that description of 80's style was spot on for my house when we bought it.Dark brown shag pile carpet in the kitchen.Umm...nice!!
I wonder how my taste and style will influence my daughters. My eldest loves loads of 'treasure' around her whereas number 2, I think, will be a minimalist.The littlest two are never leaving home apparently so they'll have to put up with my taste!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

LOL how funny and yes, I can imagine things will change for our childrens interior options!!! I vary wildly from minimal to collections of vases and according to Hubby "have a problem with cushions" ........... Lx

Anonymous said...

V funny! My daughter is obsessed with having a pink and purple bedroom (currenly a tasteful F&B cooking apple green). I am sure she will have a life long love of pink due to it being supressed by her mother...

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Fame at last!