Friday, 16 January 2009

Rock around the clock

I have gone a bit mad this week buying stuff - after months of holding back it's as if the credit crunch is on hold for a few days. Dawid the builder is here at this very minute replacing the nasty 1970s 'piece of 2 by 4 masquerading as a picture rail' in the dining room with an authentic one to match the others in the house. And on Wednesday afternoon, in an 'Oh my god Real Homes are coming' moment I picked up the phone and ordered an Eames rocking chair from the wondrously swift, efficient and friendly James at Swivel, where we got our Eames dining chairs last summer. We've wanted to get one for ages but somehow never have. And now it's arrived, a mere 48 hours later, I wish we'd bought it years ago - it's lovely. Or at least I think so! ( Felty cushion a recent stealth purchase - don't tell my husband...!)


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

you are a busy blogger lately :-) gosh I love those rockers- i want the baby blue one - think Eames on LE forum has one its gorgeous but now I want one like yours as well.....decisions decisions!!! the felt cushion looks nice the bit I can see ! I got one of the cushlab ones last year have you seen the ones she does? (on LE forum as well) i love it!!! oh and if real homes were coming here I would be buying a new house for them to come and photograph so at least you only bought a chair LOL (when are they coming by the way? am very excited and its not my house........ )
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

You think right, it is lovely! Did you know you were the subject of chat on the LE forum the other day with all saying that LE had really missed out on a great home to profile by letting RH snap you up!!

kaybar007 said...

We got the Eames chairs too! Maybe I got the idea from reading your blog many moons ago? Mmm....

Georgie said...

I missed that one Amy - will go and have a look on BE! Been a bit out of the LE loop lately...

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Fame at last!