Monday, 19 January 2009

15 months later....

Carl and Janet, the photographer and writer who are working together on the Real Homes article, have just left. It was great fun, they were both lovely, and talking through what we've done to the house prompted me to look back at some of my early blog entries. I had forgotten what a long haul it was getting to the point we are now - and that this used to be the famous local eyesore of a house with a garage as a sitting room, an outside loo, a condemned gas cooker and a dead dog under the floorboards. I take being able to switch the oven on, or do the laundry inside the house, or look out of my front sitting room windows so much for granted now that I had almost forgotten how we lived for the first two years of my daughter's life. Thankfully I don't think she'll remember any of it, although my son says he still has very clear memories of 'the gloomy house', as he called it. We'll have been in the house three years in July, and it feels so much like home that I can't believe we haven't been here longer.


thriftymrs said...

Must be lovely to sit down and think through your journey.

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

its like childbirth isnt it ?! you soon forget the pain LOL

hope it went well - did they "style" you house? not that yours needs it but always thought it would be good to have a professional come round and do mine for me!!! keep us updated when you find out when the article is published !!! you can relax now :-)
Lesley x

Kristy said...

Was is a good experience?I've been approached by a well known stylist but am not sure whether to do it or not. I would be panicking about my dusting skirting boards etc!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, how exciting!! LOL Lesley, building work is like childbirth, and people go on to do it again!

I would also love to know what they did, styling wise. Were they terribly stylish themselves?

Really looking forward to seeing it in the mag.

Georgie said...

Thanks all! I'd go for it Kristy! It was great fun - they didn't bring a stylist, although they do use one sometimes. Instead Carl styled the shots himself using bits and pieces from around the house. So a vase of flowers I had in the sitting room was used in the kitchen in one shot, and he used a pannetone we happened to have with my cake stand and some plates and napkins to style another one. I must admit I did quite a lot more cleaning on Sunday night than I would normally do ( esp skirting boards!) but it turned out not to be alarming at all. They were both very relaxed and complimentary about the house, and not put off by the need to include the still very horrid master bedroom. Janet, the writer, even played with my daughter for ages, which kept her really happy while the photos were being taken!

I'm not sure what issue it will be in but I'll keep you posted - May at the earliest I think!

Anonymous said...

I do love your house and looking at your blog every few months to see what's new. I live in Thailand (three years now - the time its taken to do your home) so it's almost like 'going home' when I peek inside, as it were, and see a lovely English home. I like the rug by the way and the piano and I LOVE your bookshelves - books bring character to a home I think. My boys agree want to see your son's room though! Hope my mother in law sends the magazine so i can have a look... Well done (:

Kristy said...
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Fame at last!