Sunday, 22 February 2009

denuded...the new view from my daughter's window

....where all used to be lush and sylvan.

Thanks for all the support on Hedgegate. It's so upsetting when someone else does something to spoil your little home and there's nothing you can do about it - I can well imagine how you felt about the 9 foot fence Amy! I am still seething - it has absolutely ruined the aspect from the back of our house and has been done so badly that there is even a forlorn little lollipop of holly left stranded at the top of the once beautiful tree. It might grow back but the elder that used to be behind it has been razed to the ground. I asked my nice friendly gardening guy to come and have a look the other day and he winced. And despite the window being frosted it still feels like I am being observed doing the washing up.

Hey ho...I should probably just get over myself. I'll await the mountain ash next week and make the best of it. In my 'obsessed with being overlooked' state I was slightly comforted this afternoon by looking around at other houses in the area. I took my daughter to a children's party in Twickenham, and walking through the very expensive little enclave of St Margarets I couldn't help noticing there that a lot of the houses there have even titchier gardens than us and 'through' reception rooms that look straight out onto the back windows of the houses behind them. And the houses on one side of the next road to us back onto shops and flats which completely overlook and bear down onto them, complete with air conditioners and industrial fans. So I guess it's just a London thang and I'll get used to it eventually. It has had one good effect, in that I have taken up running again after a child-birth related exercise gap of seven years. I can only manage a very gentle round-the-block saunter so far but the therapeutic effects are amazing! I am preparing to astonish the populace tomorrow morning by turning up at nursery in my very untrendy bought-in-the-1990s running shoes.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

haha at the running shoes i have some of those as well :-) poor you re the trees though how completely annoying but put the annoyance on hold until you get your new ones planted and then see how it is - how people can cut down tree's is beyond me!!! especially in towns/cities where they are even more precious :-( thanks for your comment by the way - please note the carefully taken photographs not showing the rest of the destruction around the house LOL just done another post this morning and am about to start spring cleaning - anthea turner watch out! Lesley x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, oh dear what a mess they made, it did look very private before hand but I will say that you will get used to it, our previous house had no-one over looking us but this one is back to back to the house opp but you do forget they are there!!! Honest :)
Well dont you on running again, I'm sure no-one will laught at your trainers, I cant imagine you will look uncool!!! Claire xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Recap, that should be 'well done you' and laugh not laught! x

amyoliver said...

Mmmm, I can see why you aren't happy. I really hope your new tree gives you the cover you want.

Good luck with the running!!

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Fame at last!