Sunday, 12 April 2009

Has it really been 7 weeks?!

Oh dear, I really have been a bit rubbish lately. No excuses - except the usual stuff. Although I have been doing a creative writing course and actually got a short story published! We have also finally replaced our car - an 11 year old Audi estate that has failed us too many times and cost too much in repairs over the past year to keep running. Although of course I have signed on the dotted line for the new car ( a cheap and cheerful eco-friendly super-mini, although alas not an actual mini) just before the govt announces its £2k scrappage scheme for cars over 9 years old. Pah! And absolutely typical. Our son was born just a week too early for the £250 baby bond scheme - it's kind of a theme with us. No doubt next year there will be a 'convert your hideous garage to a room' grant of several squillion pounds.

Window-gate is still running, although the mountain ash is in and looking good, if titchy. My beloved magnolia survived the move to its new position and is thriving, which is a great comfort. I spend a lot of time shaking my fist (not quite but almost literally) at the man who cut down the trees next door, and planning my next move, which is a large palm tree and a strategically placed thicket of black bamboo. Hope it goes bananas and overruns his garden. Double pah!

The builders arrive on Wednesday to start the great master bedroom and ensuite bathroom renovation. On the one hand I am absolutely thrilled to be kissing goodbye to the inadequate single radiator, peeling paint, avocado basin, cracked and bumpy anaglypta ceiling and brown painted floorboards. On the other hand I am still fairly traumatised from the events of 2007-8 and dreading the three weeks ( optimistic estimate!) of disruption to come. We are going to spend Easter Monday distributing the contents of our bedroom round the house and deciding whether to move our bed down to the small sitting room or put the kids into together and move into our son's room for the duration. Either way it's going to be horrible! But, as I keep reminding myself, a mere bagatelle compared with what I've weathered in the past.

I have always got my bathrooms from Bathstore in the past, but a friend really rates B&Q for bathrooms and radiators so I am thinking of giving them a whirl. Certainly looks cheaper, at a quick glance.

We are having another bank of floor to ceiling bookshelves in the bedroom. Seriously, we are running out of wall space. If I send my husband out for a pint of milk he comes back with three books under his arm. There are three or four charity shops at the end of our road, all with very good book sections, and he just can't resist it. Whenever I suggest a purge he goes through the shelves and comes up with a paltry selection, usually all mine anyway, consisting of three cookery books and a theatre programme from 1985. Perhaps I should send him to Bibliophiles Anonymous.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

LOL I am with you on the books thing - the underneath of our bed is excess book storage as i just cant get rid of them but keep getting more and more.....
many congrats on getting published!!! can we read it >????
and good luck with the bedroom renovation it will be a walk in the park compared to what you have been through and look at the fab end result :-)
hope your having a lovely easter and if all else fails there is always chocolate ;-)
lesley x

Lavender hearts said...

We've always got bath store too. The taps are a better quality than B&Q, but I agree that the baths and the sinks look much the same.

amyoliver said...

Fab news on having your short story published - I would also love to have a read if you fancy sharing it with us!

I really rate colourwash for bathroom fittings, I think they are better quality than bathstore, but similar pricing.

I can imagine that you aren't looking forward to opening your home to builders, but after what you have been through, it will be easy peasy lemon squeezy!! Just think that they will be long gone by half term, and don't you know how quickly that arrives....

Georgie said...

Thanks all - madly emptying drawers and chucking out superannuated mascaras this evening! God knows where we're going to put everything...

Hmm, colourwash - hadn't even thought of them.

Am a bit shy but might post a link to the magazine my story's in later!


kaybar007 said...

I feel your pain! And while the worst of our build is over for now, we're gonna do the top floor (bathroom & 2 bedrooms) next year now that husband has a job again, so it's timely that you're doing yours now. I will take notes!

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Fame at last!