Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Dust, glorious dust...

The stuff is everywhere. Even in my lovely new miniature car, which has already been baptised with several trips to the tile shop (buying tiles, returning the ones my builder deemed unsuitable for the underfloor heating, and coming back with new white travertine ones that practically doubled the weight of the car.) Reduced load space aside, I am loving having a nippy little runabout. I can get into parking spaces I could formerly only dream of. Going out in it after 5 pm holds no fears for me now - I could never find a space for the Audi after 6 but now I can squeeze into the miniature gaps all my larger-vehicled neighbours have to reject! Plus it uses about 5 pence worth of petrol a week. Although Dawid the builder did look puzzled when he saw me in it today, and asked whether it was a courtesy car from the garage...

The very expensive fibrous plaster cornicing arrived last Thursday, and by Monday the shop owner was begging me to take it away as he couldn't store it any longer. 17 metres of the stuff takes up quite a lot of space when it comes in 3 m lengths. Luckily our ceilings downstairs are just over 3 m high so it's now stacked up waiting in our house instead. The builders have had to fit a metal frame to the joists to make them level enough to fit the new plasterboard to - there was a very visible to the naked eye 2 inch slope in the old one, which may well have contributed to the crack.

A new concrete sub floor has been laid in that which shall henceforth be known as the ensuite shower room, and most of the wall tiles are up, though not yet grouted. The joiner who built our shelves downstairs spent most of the day today constructing the new wall of bookshelves, and Dawid is talking about sanding the bedroom floor this weekend, which should please the neighbours no end. Oh, and my husband's parents, who are going to have to slum it in our miniature study bedroom, as they are looking after the kids for a couple of nights while we go away for a wedding anniversary/belated birthday break. Wonder if they'd notice if we stayed away for another week and came back when it was all finished?


amyoliver said...

Oooh, lucky you getting a weekend away, what fabulous inlaws that will babysit in the middle of building work! Have a lovely time!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

all sounds very productive if not a bit messy :-)
i am in process of choosing a new flooring for my kitchen and am already dreading the mess!!!
enjoy your weekend away !
Lesley x

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!