Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And the sander goes on and on and on

We had a lovely weekend, thanks - we stayed in a lovely place close to our old flat in Myddelton Square, and had a bit of a nostalgic wander round all our old haunts in Bloomsbury and Islington. We went to some galleries and even managed the cinema. Despite promising ourselves huge lie-ins neither of us managed to sleep past 8.30 though - that's what years of getting up for the kids does for you!

We came back to find all the neighbours hate us - the carpenter put in three 12 hour days over the bank holiday weekend sanding the bedroom floor. And he's still going today. It's very very noisy. As with everything in the Worst House it's been really difficult because the floorboards were about an inch thick in floor paint, very very wonky, and with lots of them too damaged to repair. The new ceiling is up, but as it had to be slightly lowered to even up the huge slope, the new cornicing now won't fit round the bay window without some major adjustments to the window architraves. It just wouldn't be the WH without complications along the way. The new room below it ( the old garage) is so geometrically perfect that it is something of a shock to realise quite how wonky our bedroom is - there isn't a straight line in the place.

Speaking of which I have fallen out of love with Bathstore somewhat. I have ordered 5 bathrooms from them since 2005 but they can find no trace of me on any of their records. This is very irritating because the streamlined wall hung loos we fitted in the WH last year have always had extremely wobbly seats. They're meant to be swanky soft close ones, not 'deposit you on the floor if you're not careful' ones. I have taken a while to sort it out because I just couldn't face it - I was still in 'never want to see a builder again' mode for quite a while. Dawid noticed them and offered to sort them out for me ( along with a few other issues left by the original builder.) And yet without the original order ( unfortunately placed by my bankrupt builder not me, but obviously delivered here) they can't sell me new attachment clips. Which means I have to buy whole new loo seats at £45 each. Not great when it's their product that's the issue. I did get quite shirty with them in the end - it's a couple of plastic clips for pete's sake!


Kristy said...

Can you not go straight to the manufacturer? I always find them much more helpful than the suppliers.

Georgie said...

That's an idea - it hadn't even occurred to me. You can tell I don't do this professionally - switched on types go straight to the trade and miss out the middle man.

In the meantime Bathstore have rung me back and offered to send me some fixings they think will fit in the next few days, so they have redeemed themselves!

Amyoliver said...

We have had a problem with a Bathstore loo seat as well. I have yet to sort it out (blushing a bit as it has only been in *3* years...). Glad to hear that they have redeemed themselves in your eyes.

3 days of sanding sound like just the time for a getaway. How lovely to have a revisit of early child free days. Ours would only be as far as Clapham, but might be nice to go out for dinner to one of our old haunts...

Peta said...

Yeah, glad to hear work on the WH is continuing!!
I must read your older posts to see what you're having done!!
Look forward to seeing the end results - I'm sure you are too!

Peta said...

ps - ours aren't bathstore loos but we've had problems with our fancy loo seats too!!!

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Georgie said...

Grrrr indeed Peta and Amy - nearly a fortnight later and still no actual delivery from Bathstore. I wouldn't mind but I actually apologised to them for being shirty about their bonkers system, so they're having their cake and eating it. Tsk. Still, I am too excited about all the other stuff to lose too much sleep at the moment.

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!