Goodbye to all that...

Goodbye to all  that...

Monday, 8 June 2009

Still waiting for a nice day...

..but we have now got books on the shelves so that's something.

In the absence of sunshine I spent the weekend baking ( cherry clafoutis - yum) and sitting under an umbrella at a garden party at Trumpeters House in Richmond. Tea and cake in the rain is surprisingly cheery.

Thanks for the top tip on the acetone houseenvy - I'm going to try it later!

We haven't heard anything back from Real Homes, so I assume they're either not going to use them after all, or they'll be used when they're a bit more 'seasonally appropriate' - I can see how pictures taken in January might not be right for a summer issue.

If they haven't appeared by the end of the year I'll post the low -res examples the photographer sent to me on here anyway, so they do actually see the light of day!


houseenvy said...

Thanks for the update! The photographer's work looks lovely on his website. Good luck with the acetone.

amyoliver said...

Just had the new copy of Real Homes and still no Worst House!! I wonder if perhaps the pics were too expensive for the new management of the mag. For what it's worth, the mag has really gone downhill and the houses featured this month were totally unremarkable. Really terrible. So perhaps you have had a lucky escape!

kaybar007 said...

Hey - I've nominated you for the Lemonade Award: - contain your excitement :p Kay

Anonymous said...

Just read your blog from start to finish this evening - bless you for your appreciation of your laundry room and double sink!

Although our house doesn't look anything like WH, we have lived in it for 7 years and every year we have found something which has needed a bundle of money due to the previous owners' LOVE of DIY - he is known as Bodge-it!

The central heating, electric gates, roof, bathrooms and wiring have all gone pear-shaped, each involving quotes involving a lot of teeth sucking and head shaking.

As for the decor, lets just say although Bodge-it was a decorator by trade, he was clearly more nineties B&Q than noughties F&B.

Still, we spend a little (if not a lot) each year and each year it edges towards being a home to be proud of... notwithstanding the hoarder husband and small savages (boys aged 2 & 4) who are forces to be reckoned with.

It does mean though, that I never take central heating for granted, having lived without for December and January one year, nor the shower, which was installed the week my eldest son was born - blissful timing.

And jolly glad we didn't take on a house that LOOKED like it needed some work!

Happy blogging!