Friday, 29 January 2010

Whither style?

Some funny things have been happening in the Worst House recently. We are actually buying more sofas and chairs. Husband approved and everything. And not the expensive ultra stylish ones from Designers Guild that he wanted either. They're from IKEA!

Having said that I didn't realise that even upholstery would be self-assembly. Imagine my dismay when our new armchair was delivered (the Karlstad large one in dark grey) and I realised I had to build the flipping thing from scratch. Our cleaner was here at the time and kept popping her head round the sitting room door with feigned concern and ill-concealed mirth as I wrestled with its various body parts. No point in waiting for my husband to come home - he doesn't know one end of an Allen key from another. I snagged a very good pair of 80 denier tights in the process - the velcro which holds the whole thing together is industrial strength.

I am very pleased with it though. It goes very nicely with the successfully re-covered Freecycle reject sofa in the big sitting room ( hereafter known as 'the one they wouldn't take') and means I can sit and read quietly in the corner while my husband watches Match of the Day. (Have you noticed how that seems to be on more or less constantly these days, or is that just my imagination?)

I have just ordered the rather less stylish but much more compact Hagalund sofa bed. It's really not a thing of beauty, but we have reluctantly decided converting the loft is going to have to wait a couple of years. In the meantime my in-laws are not the sprightly sixty year olds they used to be, so they need something better than foam fold out 'sleepover' beds to sleep on when they visit. In fact they usually have our bed, which I am also keen to put a stop to - I am rather fond of my nice white bedroom these days; I didn't mind so much when it was putrid green and semi-open to the elements!

Putting the Hagalund together is going to be fun. Might wait for a day when I'm absolutely alone...!


charl said...

we have two extorp armchairs that are flat packed.. how they can flatpacj armchairs let alone sofas is beyond me!!!

good for u not giveing up the bedroom though.. !!!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

nothing wrong with a bit of ikea every now and again :-) even if you do have to put it together yourself which I never realised about the sofa's ! im keen to get that sofa in the grey for our family room so thanks for the warning :-) x

amyoliver said...

I know what you mean, we have the Karlstad sofa in dark grey, and it really was like self upholstery to put it together. So frustrating. But I was quite impressed with the end result. Any photos of yours in situ (cheeky, I know!). ;-)

jackanne said...

hi, i have just discovered your fab blog, we are also renovating our old house, 7 long yrs later we are about finished ..well the outside needs painted again but hey the end is near..your house is absolutely gorgeous well done..jackanne xx

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!