Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hard work

The week I went back to work after four years probably wasn't the best one to choose for reviving a blog. Good points - the tube starts from Richmond, so I always get a seat, and as any mother of small children will know, 30 minutes with a coffee and the paper is pretty much worth going to work for all by itself. Bad points - er, the actual work. But leaving that aside...

The new sofa bed arrived today, delivered with admirable efficiency and politeness. If you've not tried IKEA's online delivery service yet I'd give it ago - I've been really pleasantly surprised with how well it all works. You can choose your delivery day and they give you a 4 hour slot, then ring you an hour before they arrive (so you can get on with your day rather than mooching around looking wistfully out of the window.) Quite pricey though - you need to have a good big order to make it worth it.

Anyway, my husband is away at the moment, and to be honest he's not much use with an Allen key anyway, so my lovely friend and neighbour rolled up her sleeves on his behalf. We put it together in just over an hour, much of which was spent telling our four children between us to stop picking up all the nuts and bolts and making off with vital pieces of chipboard. But it is looking pretty good - although no-one has slept on it yet! My parents in law will have the joy of testing it out next week, as they're coming to look after the children at half term while I go out and earn a crust.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

Well done on being back at work ! I'm still avoiding it :S hope you settle into your new routine quickly :) I had just changed my blog back to White , now wondering if I should go back to pink ! I need a job don't I ? LOL

amyoliver said...

Congrats on going back into the workplace. I would like to, but the thought of it is very daunting. Also quite a daunting thought is the assembly of an Ikea sofabed. I found our sofa a challenge, nevermind if there had been a bed bit to sort out as well!!

Amyoliver said...

Oooh, just flipping through real homes and you are FINALLY in it!!!!! Congrats, the house looks fantastic!!! Hope life is treating you well, I seem to fallen off the blogging bandwagon after only just joining it!! The year seems to be flying by! If you have trouble picking up a copy let me know and I will post you mine.x

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Fame at last!

Fame at last!